Конспект уроку з англійської мови у 1 класіна тему: "At school" (НУШ)

The objectives of the lesson:

  • To practise vocabulary on the topic of the lesson;
  • To develop grammar, reading and writing skills;
  • To develop students’ creativity through interactive activities;
  • To form life, social and cultural competences based on project-learning strategies;

Equipment: textbook, workbook English World 1 (Liz Hocking Mary Bowen, MacMillan Education), DVD, flashcards, handouts, Internet resources, Smart Board
The procedure:

I. Організація класу

Step I Introduction

Hello boys and girls!
-Students sing the song “Hello” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVlcKp3bWH8

1.2 Students recite a poem:

-How are you? How are you?
How are you, my dear friends?
-I’m fine! I’m well!
I’m Ok! I’m all right!
Let us sing and let us dance,
Let us run and play,
Let’s turn around and touch the ground
Let’s fun all the day!

At this lesson we are going to practise vocabulary on the topic “School”, practice colours, and letters, read the text, sing songs, recite poems and just have fun. So, enjoy our English lesson.

ІІ. Актуалізація опорних знань
Step 2 Warming up
2.1Speaking about colours:

-Students look at the colours and name them;
-Teacher arranges colours flashcards in the order, so students could name them and greet each other:
Green, brown, red blue.
What’s your name and how are you?
Pink, yellow, white, grey.
My name is Masha, I’m fine today!
-Students recite the poem, using their own names.

2.2 Phonetic drills: sound /e/

- Students practise ABC letters with ABC song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9o3RmdiLnI8
- Students match the letters with the pictures using flashcards;
- Students practise sound /e/ with starfall


- Students play “ABC Laundry” game (teacher prepares rope, pegs and letters, names words with sound /e/, students find letters and hang them on the rope in the logical order (pen, hen, ten).

Step 3 Grammar
3.1- Students listen and repeat the words on the topic of the lesson (DVD, unit 2, vocabulary);
3.2- Students practise these words with grammar structure “It is…a pen.” (DVD, unit 2, grammar);
3.3- Students ask questions about these words: “Is it…a pen?” (ex,2, p.34, PB).

Step 4 Relaxation

ІIІ. Узагальнення і систематизація знань

Step 5 Reading

5.1- Students look at the picture and name objects they see there. (p.36, PB);
5.2- Students listen and follow the text. (DVD, unit 2, reading);
5.3- Students read the text and answer the questions. (ex,1, p.37, PB).

Step 6 Writing

6.1- Students read the sentences and tick the correct sentences. (ex,1, p.16, WB).
6.2- Students name ABC letters and one of the students write letters on the smartboard.
6.1- Students compose words with sound /e/ and write them on the smartboard.

IV. Підсумок уроку

Step 7 Summing up

- Students name activities they did at the lesson:
At this lesson we practised vocabulary on the topic “School”, practiced colours, and letters, read the text, sang songs, recited poems and just had fun. I hope you liked our lesson.

Step 8 Saying “Good bye”

-Students recite the poem:
Nod your head,
Jump up high,
Wave your hand
And say “Good bye”



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