Конспект уроку «Shops and Shopping»


Тема уроку. Shops and Shopping

Цілі уроку: активізувати лексичний матеріал, розвивати навички аудіювання, діалогічного і монологічного мовлення з опорою на малюнки, предмети;

виховувати свідоме ставлення до навчання, правил поведінки між покупцями і продавцями;

розвивати комунікативні здібності й навички користувача англійською мовою;

розширювати уявлення учнів про продукти харчування в Україні.

Обладнання: предметні малюнки, картки, аудіо запис.

Хід уроку

I. Організаційний момент. Бесіда з черговим

T. Good morning, pupils! I’m glad to see you! Our topic today is “Shops and Shopping”. I think, it’s very important because we need many things for our life. So I’m sure that we cannot imagine our life without shops.

II. Фонетична зарядка.

T. Today I’ve brought a basket with different products and goods which I’ve bought at the market and shops. I’ll show you the thing and you name it. (The teacher shows different products and goods.)

III. Активізація лексичного матеріалу.

A. T. And now look at the board. You can see two watch. You should match the words from these columns and make up a word-combination.

E. g. a packet of juice.

Б. T. You know that we can buy these products and goods in different shops. On the board you can see many pictures. What kinds of shops are there?

PPs. I can see a - baker’s shop

- grocer’s shop

- greengrocer’s shop

- diary shop

- ready – made clothes shop

- hat shop

- foot – wear shop, etc.

T. What products can you buy in the:

1) baker’s shop?

PPs. white and brown bread, rolls, cakes, biscuits, etc.

2) butcher’s?

PPs. different kinds of meat:

3) grocer’s shop?

PPs. Sausage, tea, sugar, eggs, coffee, tinned fish, tinned fruit and vegetables, etc.

4) diary shop?

PPs. milk, butter, cheese, soar, cream, margarine, yogurt, etc.

5) greengrocer’s?

PPs. tomatoes, potatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, beats, different fruits.

6) ready – made clothes shop?

PPs. suits, dresses, shirt, skirts, trouser, coats, etc.

7) foot – wear shop?

PPs. boots, shoes, sandals, sport shoes, etc.

IV. Гра “Guess the Place”

T. And now let’s play the game “Guess the Place”. One of you describes a shop and other pupils guess what shop is this.

For example: You can buy sugar and tinned fish there. (This is a grocer’s shop).

V. Складання діалогу з теми з опорою.

T. So I’m sure you know different kinds of shops and where to buy different products and goods very well. And now I’d like to know if you could do shopping yourself.

First, let’s look at the board. You can see the bubbles with parts of the dialogue. Put them in correct order to make a dialogue.

· Can I help you?

· I want 3 kilograms, please

· Yes, 2 kg of tomatoes, please

· Here you are

· I’m looking for potatoes

· Here’s the money. Thank you.

· How many would you like?

· Do you want something else?

· Here you are. That’s 10 grn. for tomatoes and potatoes.

T. Let’s read the dialogue:

· Can I help you?

· I’m looking for potatoes.

· How much would you like?

· I want 3 kg, please.

· Here you are. Do you want something else?

· Yes, 2 kg of tomatoes, please.

· Here you are. That’s 10 grn. for tomatoes and potatoes.

· Here’s the money. Thank you.

VI. Перевірка домашнього завдання. Інсценування діалогів.

And now I’d like to listen to your dialogues prepared at home. Your home task was to dramatize the dialogues using products and goods.

Dialogue 1. At the Toy Department (different toys)

- Can I see that toy – bear, please?

- This one?

- No, the one to the left of it.

- Here you are. It’s very nice.

- Can you show me this rabbit and that dog, please?

- These?

- No, those. The white and grey ones.

- Here you are.

- How much are they?

- For the bear, the rabbit, the dog, that’s 20 grn.

- Pack them, please.

Dialogue 2. At the Clothes Department (T-shirts)

- Hello, could you show me one of those T-shirts?

- What size?

- Size 44, I think

- Yes, here’s one.

- How much is it?

- 8 dollars.

- Here is 10 dollars.

- And here’s 2 dollars change.

Dialogue 3. Buying Cheese (cheese, weighs)

- What’s the price of a kg of cheese?

- What kind of cheese? We have different kinds.

- Half a kilo at 15 grn. a kilo. I think it’s a good kind of cheese.

- That’s right. But other kinds are also good. We don’t have bad cheese.

Dialogue 4. Buying Sweets (sweets, weighs)

- How much are those sweets?

- 10 grn. a kilo. Very nice sweets.

- 300 grammes, please.

- Here you are. And I think you’ll come back to buy more.

VII. Узагальнення вивченого матеріалу.

T. I like your dialogues very much. Now it’s the time to make a summit on our topic. What kinds of shops do you know and what can we buy in them?

P1. It seems to me that shops are very important in our life. We cannot imagine our life without shops because we need many things for our life. And we can buy them in the shops. We can buy our food, clothes and other things there. There are many kinds of shops such as baker’s, grocer’s, greengrocer’s, ready-made clothes shop, sport goods shop, etc.

We can also mention department stores, supermarkets and markets.

P2. We can buy fruits and vegetables at the greengrocer’s shop. And if we need milk, butter, cheese, sour cream, we go to the diary shop.

P3. There are large shops with many departments where we can buy almost all we want. These shops are called department stores. Another kind of large shop is a supermarket. People can buy food and other products there. There are no shop-assistants there. So when a customer goes to a supermarket he or she gets a metal trolley for holding the things and pay for them at the checkout.

P4. When we want to buy fruit and vegetables we can go to the market. There the farmers sell fresh vegetables and fruit, which they grow on their fields, vegetable gardens and orchards. They also sell meat, eggs, milk and other things.

VIII. Аудіювання.

- Pre-listening exercise:

T. After buying you carry them home and prepare different meals. For that you should know various recipes.

Today we are going to listen to one of the recipes. This is the recipe of “Potato Cakes”. Before listening let’s read new words on the cards that you have on the desks.

Card № 1







a bit of







on both sides


grated cheese



складові частини












з обох боків


тертий сир


2. Listening

T. Now listen to this recipe, find cards № 2 on your desks. On these cards you have the instructions for preparing “Potato Cakes”. They are in wrong order. While listening put them correctly.

Card № 2.


400 g potatoes;

125 g flour;

40 g butter or margarine;

40 g grated cheese.


- Make 12 potato cakes with the mixture.

- Peel the potatoes and slice them.

- Fry the potato cakes in a frying pan until they are brown on both sides.

- Put the potatoes in a saucepan with some water and a bit of salt and boil them for 20 minutes.

- Put the mashed potatoes, the flour and butter or margarine into a bowl and mix them with a fork.

- Mash the potatoes.

- Cover the cakes with the grated cheese. Put them in a dish and keep them warm in the over.

3. Контроль розуміння.


1) What is the recipe for?

2) What should we buy in the shop for this recipe?

3) What is the (1st, 2nd, 3rd…) instruction?

Take this recipe home and try to cook potato cakes. It’s delicious.

Your hometask will be to write down your favourite recipe.

IX. Підсумок уроку та оцінювання учнів.



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